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[Intro] Show it to me Your salary What I’m feeling under It enlighten me Oh, you crazy moon I work from?9?to 5 [Verse 1] I don’t?know where to find you everyday I’m?working hard from 9 to 5 Then waiting for that promotion you said But it’s been years and I’m hanging on subside [Chorus] If I could be on the magazine next to Conan Wouldn’t it be fine? Oh I’m just a guy works 9 to 5 [Verse 2] Is there someone waiting on for me? I dreamt of getting paid on time I know I’m saying yes too easily Love isn’t always like lovin’ at first sight [Verse 3] So tell me, Sheena, is it fun to stay While your man’s working every time? Is it the fundamental thing to say? ’Cause everyone must have a better way to shine

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