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Conan Gray Fight or Flight


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[Verse 1]
Somethingís gotten into you
You donít really look at me the way you used to
And Iím?hoping?it ainít true
Every?single rumor that Iíve heard of?you
Say you were off with someone that I donít know
Calliní other people on your telephone
Kinda wish I didnít know

Well, fight or flight, Iíd rather die
Than have to cry in front of you
Fight or flight, Iíd rather lie
Than tell you Iím in love with you
My eyes are welling up
If you admit thereís someone new
Itís my life, fight or flight

[Verse 2]
You tell me it ainít what it seems
But, baby, this is lookiní like a crime scene
Thereís clothes thrown on the balcony
Hey, you smell like perfume out a magazine
Iím throwing all the shit out my window
Telling you I wish that we had never spoke
Baby, I already know

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