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Niall Horan Everywhere


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[Verse 1]
You walk into the room, I go quiet
I catch your eyes and donít blink an?eyelid
Feels?like the world?locked us on an island
An island?without waves

I try and try to forget you
But your mother thinks Iím the best for you
Try and try to erase you
But you wonít disappear

Feels like every time I turn a corner, youíre standiní right there
Over my shoulder, youíre everywhere
I swear itís hard to think, itís hard to breathe when youíre in the air
I try to run, but youíre everywhere I go
When I think Iím all alone
And my heartís under control
Why is loviní you not fair?
Youíre everywhere

[Verse 2]
The ground beneath my feetís a bit colder
I see your face in people I donít know
Feels like the world is twistiní in slo-mo
And Iím stuck in one place

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